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Hex Connect Medal Hanger

Hex Connect Medal Hanger

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Multi-functional designed to proudly display your medals.  Create your triumph wall art using honeycombed shapes to interconnect pieces together.  Turn them over to insert collectable coins.  (Coins are sold separately)

Available in multiple colors.  If 'Random Colors' is selected, color is randomly selected based on inventory of product.  Don't worry, I'll pick something cool.

Materials are 3D printed using PLA filament or liquid resin (photopolymer).

  • PLA (polylactic acid) is classified as a 100% biosourced plastic: it's made of renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane. Lactic acid, obtained by fermenting sugar or starch, is then transformed into a monomer called lactide. This lactide is then polymerised to produce PLA. PLA is also biodegradable since it can be composted.
  • Photopolymer resin is a liquid resin commonly used in 3D printing, dentistry and medical devices.
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